Monday, April 6, 2009

GPS tracking wrist watch

Okay, so maybe I am obsessed with GPS tracking of children - but I just came across a pretty cool device that can give parents peace of mind and is not as extreme as implanting a chip under your child's skin.

At the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, British company Lok8u introduced the Num8 digital wristwatch. It looks like a typical watch but what lies beneath is a GPS chip that constantly keeps tabs on the location of the child and can be monitored on the company's website. The device is accurate to within 10 feet and if the watch is forcibly removed it sends an alert to the parents via e-mail and cell phone.

The Num8 is approximately $200 to purchase and $8 for monthly service. Click here to see a clip with more information about the Num8 and how it can be used to protect your child.


  1. But why is this any different than planting a chip in your child? The chip is unobtrusive and therefore makes it unlikely that other kids will make fun of your child because they are wearing a dorky wristwatch even though they can't tell time.

    One thing that really bugs me with these safety devices like this and OnStar is the monthly charge--if it is supposed to be so necessary for our safety, then why do we have to spend nearly $100/year (for the Num8) and even more for OnStar just to get the benefits of safety? Does this mean poor people have fewer opportunities to safety than the middle-class or wealthy because they can't afford these kinds of devices?

  2. Some people (like Shawn, perhaps) find products such as the one mentioned above as invasive to one's privacy. Security cameras in public places are invasive, too, isn't it. But it helps increase security. You can feel more secure by installing surveilance systems in your house. It's not free, either. If you think you need products such as this, buy one.

  3. This device is nice but I will be glad to know how I could have more of such here in Nigeria.
    The manufacturers should have at least included real time telling features to it to also double as a watch and perhaps, enhance the covert intent of such devices.

    Please let me know how I can obtain them for use in Nigeria. My mail is


  4. This watch will be totally amazing if it doubles as a cellphone so you could contact your child that he/she should not move from her/his spot 'coz you'll come and pick her/him up!

  5. Thank you for sharing valuable information.

  6. Newspapers often report bad parent stories, where the bad parent didn't know exactly where their child was, and what it was doing. Schools are obliged to keep them registered for the child protection..